Friday, September 7, 2012

Increasing Eats!

Yes indeed, I thought I wanted to lean out but what for? I'm not training for a fitness or figure competition (even though I've been asked by many pple if I was). I want to be stronger ad gain more muscle; so I need to eats lots more so my little babies grow!
I have just upped my portions of my meals and added more healthy fats (mostly just nuts).
By the way this ecard is so appropriate for all serious trainers.
Today's eats : EggWhite oatmeal, post workout shake, chicken/Brussel sprouts/avocado/tomato for lunch, chocprotein avocado pudding with apple & pb mixed with almond milk, spaghetti with whole wheat noodles for dinner, and finally cottage cheese casein pudding with soaked nuts.
I don't know my calories for today but I don't care! That's the beauty of eating clean!

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  1. What's the recipe for the egg white oats? Or how do you prep them? Also overnight oats!