Friday, September 14, 2012

Legs & Abs Progress Pic

So I was pretty excited today not only to work my bum & hams but to see my man! We are so busy it's hard to have time but we're pullin through and hanging on. So today we knew we'd see each other at the gym so when we saw each other we just held one another standing there right in the gym for a while lol. We miss each other and it's hard.
So on to my leg routine:
Ham squats ( legs extended forward)
ss with jump rope
Calf raises ss with barbell step ups
Front squats ss with box jumps
One legged squats (one leg down and the other up on box) ss with walking bumbbell lunges
Leg press (wide) with feet up high ss
with deadlifts
Leg press (close) with feet up high ss
with weight plate hip thrusts
lying ham curls ss with hip abductor

My bum was burning and I was massaging it to release the lactic acid and Kyle was just laughing at me! We have fun.
So I packed my lunch to eat at work and it was fan-crappin-tastic no joke!
It was a mixture of wilted spinach, couscous, peas, green beans, chicken, blueberries and avocado! OMG yummyness in my mouth!
Random but so good.

So today was flex Fridays on instagram so I decided to post a progress ab pic so here it is.

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