Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Carb it Up

Quads & calfs = high carb day!
Not my fav day cause that means I cut out my healthy fats i.e nut butter. Carb days are the only days I do not consume some form of nut. Yes I'm obsessed-when I start training for comp, giving up nut butter will be the death of me!!!
Anyway on to today workout, oh man I killed my buddy, Dave, today. He doesn't normally work legs and I was like whoa whoa whoa!!! Legs are as important as your precious (buff) arms, chest and abs lol. He doesn't have chicken legs though lol
I lasted longer than him and lifted the same weight as him except on deadlifts. He will be crawling out bed tomorrow! Hahaha
We had so much energy after my leg routine we went and worked on some pull-ups. I even jumped on his back to see if he could pull with me on his back...semi failure lol. I told him he needs to help me with my pull-ups and progress from kipping pull-ups.
Post eats was a huge WW wrap with pea mash, egg whites, mixed lettuce, brown rice. It was messy and rice was all in my car as I tried to chomp it down on my way to class.
For snack I had an apple & cold steamed broccoli. Within 2hrs I was hungry so I had a slice of my homemade banana bread (ill post it when I am actually on my computer).
Dinner was a sweet potatoes with scrambled eggwhites, granola, cocoa nibs, and hemp seeds.
Casein pudding before bed.
It was so hard to not top my sweet potatoe bowl with nut butter! : /

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