Thursday, October 18, 2012

Circuit Time!

Since we've I been hittin the weights hard I wanted to mix it up and do a weighted circuit-45mins. I completed 5 rounds in that time frame and no joke I was dyin and pushing beyond one the last set. To end it I added some bi & tris and 30mins on Row machine (ins on progressing speed and hop off and do 20 push-ups which changed variation every time). My hands were throbbing and skin was hanging off.
After the gym I was starving so I down some hard boiled eggs (which I peeled in the car lol) while on the way to Jna Juice-I got the Five Fruit Frenzy and brought my own protein powder and stirred it in.
I cracked open one of my real coconuts, stuck a straw in it and sipped! Yummy and tasted so natural, I loved it! Seriously there was so much in there, I'm saving the rest to add to my smoothie in the morning.

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