Saturday, October 20, 2012

Too sore...too bad!

Woke up so sore but I made myself get to my gym. On the agenda was back, biceps, abs, cardio.
I felt good driving there and about half way through...then I was hit with a wave of malaise.
I complete what was suppose to be done but my full force was not on. This routine involved lots of pull-ups and my hands hurt so bad I couldn't even open up a water bottle! I nuked a wet towel at work and just held it.
Busiest day at work so Starbucks was needed-also a giant 8oz grilled chicken breast and whole plate of grilled shrimp. Benefits of working in a restaurant!
When I got home I apparently stripped down to my bra & panties and passed out on my floor cause I woke up hours later like ummm...
After my shower, I rubbed Biofreeze ALL OVER my body-best idea ever when your whole bod is sore. Feels so relaxing.
Tomorrow is rest day and so looking forward to it, so needed!

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