Thursday, October 11, 2012

"Who Needs Bench Press?"

This was said after completing about 500 push-ups in different variations. No joke today's chest & tri day was a challenge and it pushed me. I don't always do push-ups but I realize I am capable of doing more than I thought and actually getting chest to floor. The routine was uber complicated and I don't have a picture of the chicken scratch writing from Dave. It included these push-up variations: plunge, side to side, 3 to 1, 4321, military, cross bench, dive bombers, tri, regular and some more. Each was supersetted with a tri workout: dips, weighted dips, lying tri extension, tri cable pull down, bombers and some more.
Afterwards my hair was atrocious and my body ached. (Pic-Me shooting myself from the pain I was in). Also the bruises on my knees are the result of doing so many push-ups until failure that when I bailed I dropped to my knees in exhaustion-immediate bruises man! Yes that's how gruesome today was, but I'm happy!
We are getting so creative, it gets me excited!

Today's breakfast was huge and I was starving-Greek yogurt with everything in the kitchen sink and slice of banana bread. It was pretty so a picture was needed!

So I was told by TaylorMade (blog) that I won her Naked Coconut Water Giveaway! Yeah I was excited! She was sent some drinks and a real fresh coconut to compare the taste so hopefully I'll get that as well. Looking forward to that delivery!

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