Monday, October 15, 2012

Upping the Ante!

It's happening, Dave and I have reached a point where we just want to be shredded and we want to meet our goals! We had an all seriousness talk about buckling down and what to do to reach our dream physique. It was the happiest and sickest, get-me-excited conversation. I was already on a workout high from killing it in the gym and from the compliments I received; I got stopped by a huge buff man asking if I was training to compete, I said not right now but next year, he responded with "you really train hard and look really fit. Keep it up!" There was more to it but hey that pumped me up even more. Then I was taking with my trainer buddy and a man came up to me and said "this girl is a machine, if you see me stare its cause I'm checking out what you are doing, if you scraped your knee I'm pretty sure there'd be metal under there. You are a robot in here!" Holyness yes that really was said and my trainer buddy was like "ya I know she's a beast!" My energy and happiness was on a whole new level.
Oh but wait...
Then I asked my trainer buddy to do my body fat % and he was like heck yes. So my reading::: 13.4%!!! He was like "dang, that is low! You must be rockin a6 pack!"
I love how its the simple things that make me happy! Simple compliments, nothing materialistic.
Anyways enough of my happiness for now...
Dave my workout buddy could not meet me today so I busted out biceps, back, abs, and Row HIIT. Tons of pull-ups-geez my hands/calluses are murdered!
I decided to do my HIIT on the row machine because hey why not? I did 30secs speed, 30secs paced. Man it is gruesome and a full body workout! Try it out!!!
Since I'm upping the ante, that means upping my eats. Today when I got home I was so hungry so for meal4 I made a giant smoothie (Greek yogurt, frozen banana, cinnamon, ice, peanut butter SF torani syrup) with an ape drizzled with pnut butter and half a sweet potato sprinkled with cinnamon. Oh yes all that went down! May be a lot but all clean.

Ps my happiness high got better once my huge nursing test was over and I finding out I passed! Huge relief!

Tomorrow be leg day-oh yes my routine is gonna be gruesome!

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