Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Supplies!!!

Yeeek!!! That's how I am when UPS delivers plus I'm racing to the door with scissors ready to cut the package open.
I received a box from Cellucor last week and man was it loaded:CLA, HD, BCAA, C4!!! Wowza! Lots going on there. CLA aids in fat metabolism which most pple training know, HD is almost like a preworkout but it says it aids in fat burning-it supplies you the energy for you to step up your game and burn more with more pump. Preworkout is obvious and theirs is seriously the best! No shakiness or jitters or itchy ears or needles in your hands. Pure surge and literally after working in the hospital all day, C4 gets me to the gym.
I will even be more involved with Cellucor which means I will be able to promote their company more and give my followers for fellow trainers discounts and promo codes! Indeed it's for your benefit! Get excited, the codes will be coming!

Today I reviewed a big box from Go Raw which is company that is all raw, organic, gluten free, all natural, low sodium, wheat free, nut free, no cholesterol, no trans fat, sprouted seeds, all live-dehydrated, and hand made. They made granola, "chips" savory or sweet, cocoa squares, bars and more! I received a huge box with all these. Everything is sprouted (flax, sesame seeds, buckwheat groats, pumpkin seeds etc. Sprouting increase the nutrition to a new level and they are easier for your body to extract and break down the nutrients from sprouted seeds.
Their ingredients are so simple and small-5 tops!

I opened the Carrot Cake Chips right away and they are super light, crispy and totally guilt free! Lovely flavor too!


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