Saturday, October 27, 2012

Consistency gets you to your goal.
I keep this in mind everyday when I see my bod and see what I want my bod to look like/or get to. I know it'll take time and being consistent with my hard workouts and clean eats. Sometimes I just wish I could snap my finger and have Bella Falconi's body; not possible but in time it can be. She is a perfect person to look up to-she used to be overweight and she I seriously ripped and a true athlete.
Sometimes we athletes have our bad days when we feel like screaming for the pressure we have and put on ourselves; yes I have them but I have to look at how far I've come and know that i will continue to make progress.
Well enough of that.
Today was back, bi, abs and cardio. I did simple but heavy exercises that ripped my muscles! Cardio was fan-crappin-tastic:::stairmaster with a weighted pack (25lbs worth of weight plates) with a thick bulky sweatshirt on. Man I was drenched and hurtin! Super killer workout for your legs. I did al variations on it too-normal, side, backwards, side ways, on toes, wide, crossover, toes out, toes I did a randomness. Then I kept my pack on and busted out some planks and push-ups. Loved it!
Egg white oats blended with berries.
Greek yogurt with mini banana.
Power bowl of hickey, bell peppers, sugar snap peas, spinach, brushetta, avocado.
Chicken breast and shrimp.
Nuked apples topped with cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, Raw granola and slice of WW banana bread.
Greek yogurt with carob chips, coconut butter, and Raw crackers.
Raw protein bar.

P.s... GO GIANTS!!! I love my G-Men!

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