Monday, October 29, 2012

GIANTS!!!-World Series Champs!

Man last night I could not have been happier to watch my men win! So exciting!
Today I woke up and got decked out in Giants gear for the gym and for class.
Bi's & Tri's followed with quick 3 mile run
Some moves I did:
-curls, hammer curls, out curls, concentration curls, cable curls, cable push down, cable pulls, tri dips, tri extension, tri push-ups, tri push backs...
Fast 3 miler at speed 8 then finished with sprints at speed 10.

1. Egg white oats (really a mug cake)
2. Egg whites, small banana (postworkout)
3. Power bowl of raw veggies, black beans, hummus, and rooster sauce/sriracha (which I totally spelled out SF Giants on top!)
4. Nuked apple topped with cinnamon, plain nonfat Greek yogurt and Raw crackers along with David's 'The Secret Weapon' Tea
5. Slice WW banana bread
6. Chicken, brussel sprouts, and sweet potato.

Been receiving so many kind words on my progress and I love seriously love my IG Fit family!!! Wish I could meet everyone; I consider them my friends even thousands of miles away.

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