Friday, October 12, 2012

If I could look like anyone... would be Andreia Brazier.
She is gorg with a HOTT bod. She is 34 years ago and looks like that! She started really training in 2004, so building a physique takes time and consistency to achieve that kind of bod. Hey I'm only 22, much time ahead to build up my physique.
Andreia does not do cardio at all unless comp where she waits 3 weeks before comp to add cardio. She eats 7 meals a day and does carb cycling with 1 high refeed day and 4-5 low to moderate. Her exercises are not crazy or these weird outrageous routines-she sticks with the basics and involves supersets and body weight exercises. Andreia drinks a preworkout and one protein shake a day and her vita/supps are Multi, fish oil, BCAA, glutamine, CLA, ZMA, and L-Carnitine.

She is always the home screen on my phone and this pic happens to be on it for October.
I have seen her before pic and just to see her change is so motivational! She said she never worked out prior to 1999 where her friend invited her to the gym and she fell in love with it so she continued but it wasn't until 2004 where her fitness and comp training began.
We all start somewhere right? Gotta look at your progress and keep your eyes on the future but your mind on the present.

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