Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Creating my Quads

Legs was so gnarly today! I literally gave all that the end until I fell to the floor!
I always end my routines with walls sits: I managed 5 mins with a 45lb plate and then about 3 mins with my buddy Dave sitting on me. I held on until my legs were so full of lactic acid I slid down to the floor.
Today was high weight so I went with the smith machine and I've missed it! I can lift sooo much more on that. Besides it doesn't strain my back as bad.
Upped weights on the leg press-4 45lb weight plates on each side!!! OMG murder of the legs!
Dave captured some pics and made me a collage of me ( doing kb swings) and my goal bod. This will keep my motivation up and growing. I know why I want and I'll get there!
High carbs:
Overnight oatmeal smoothie
Postworkout shake
Brown rice, egg white, veggie bowl
Apple and Raw's flax bar
Whole wheat homemade spaghetti
Casein pudding


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