Sunday, October 14, 2012

Operation Shred to Commence

My buddy Dave and I have set goals that we are trying to achieve while working together:
Abs visible without flexing
Real non kipping pull-ups (me)
Able to do muscle ups (me)
These are just a few but the basis is to build more muscle to be able to perform higher level exercises and have a better physique. Andreia Brazier here I come!!! Haha that would take a while but I'll get there!
So playing catch up: Friday was hammie and butt, Saturday was biceps and back which our routine came from P90X2-24 exercises that involves body weight (tons of pull up variations-corn on the cobs, overhand, wide, underhand, pulses etc) and dumb bells only. No machines or cables at all. Man it was a hard, gruesome routine but I loved it- drop sets were involved (makes you start with heavy weights and go down as needed). Let just say my biceps are super sore when I woke up this morning. Abs followed which was awesome-more abs moves will be involved in my workout since we be wanting popage going on.

Rest day this morning was pleasant. Had my cup of coffee by 615, made my sweet potato parfait (again!) and a homemade cappuccino (got an aero latte handheld frother).
Dave and I are taking progress pics and holding one another responsible for our outcomes later on; so this was my morning ab shot. I'll eventually get some pics of him up here sometime.
Today is strictly going to be my nose in my books studying! Test tomorrow, pray for me please!!!

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