Saturday, October 6, 2012

Screw the Flu (shot)

I got my flu shot a couple day ago and I know my immune system has been low due to overkill of stress, no sleep, and long hours so I've developed sickness from the flu shot! Never ever happens to me! So all in all uptake your vita C prior to getting the shot AND workout before the shot cause my arm was uber sore and dead. You would have a poor workout afterwards. Just a heads up!
Today was a bad day at the gym=no energy, sickness, and horrible preworkout called Neurocore by muscletech. OMG seriously I felt like I was going to barf, my hands were so shaky, felt like needles poking Ito my hands, dehydrated me, no sweat created...geez biggest regret drinking it. If I pushed myself, like I was busting out burpees, I could feel the hurl coming on! Sorry if TMI. Again, a heads up!
I completed my workout slowly and taken down some notches. Finished in 2hrs with 800cal scrotched.
Back, cycle, abs.
I did capture my postworkout obliques; this picture is a non-flexing one. Really Loving the fact that I don't flex and I can see these babies!
Post workout (meal 3) eats was AGAIN salmon & brussel sprouts-cant get enough!
Benefits of working in a restaurant is the fact that I can make a huge fruit smoothie (meal 4) with a monstrous blender: blueberries, pineapple, spinach and carrots.
What did I have for dinner? Can you guess? The rest of the salmon and brussel sprouts haha. (Meal 5) That's it, it's all gone! Meal 6 was casein pudding with Justin's Honey Peanut Butter pack and carrots with more pnut butter.
FYI best snack is carrots and pnut butter! Think its random? Oh no, give it a try! LeanGreenBean from Instagram (and she has a blog) is the first person I saw with this combo and hello anything with nut butter is worth a try!

Rest day tomorrow...which means cheat day! Why do I cheat on rest days? Your body grows and takes in the extra nutrients to do that so consuming higher calories or more food shocks your bod and works harder to break it all down. I dot want to workout that same day and have my body work even more that it already did. Not that I wouldn't cheat on a workout day though lol.
Church tomorrow followed with my first ever Sushi Buffet!!! OMG I will be in heaven! But since I eat sashimi, my cheat meal is going to be a clean one! Which my one cheat meal a week is ALWAYS sushi! All my Instagram fit buddies go for FroYo, I was on that kick a while ago but guess I changed to a savory cheat meal. I had handle my sweet craving with protein powder, cocoa nibs and Greek yogurt-no joke!

As Nate Diesel would say "Be Happy, Be Humble, Be Hungry!" (Seriously love that! I should make him a bumper sticker :) )

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