Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lower Extremities

That is nursing lingo for legs! Quad & calves. So I feel like my legs have gotten smaller but kept there strength so I know I'm losing fat which is a good thing! Carb cycling???
Instead of lifting heavy with lower reps, I went lighter and high reps. Man you can feel the burn-I feel like I can push harder with a lighter weight because I'm not worried of hurting myself. I have been considering a weight belt to support my back-I have lordosis (sway lower back) so it probably would help.
Anyway, lets just say I was having trouble walking out they were already that sore. I'm sticking to one heavy and one light day a week for legs but switching my quad and hammie days up.
Leg day = high carb. Lots of fruit, a piece at every meal! I had the marvelous WW wrap with egg whites, spinach, avocado and wasabi for lunch. I was hungry all day it seemed. I ended with my normal cottage cheese and casein but it was a pretty big serving!

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