Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rise And Grind (at the buttcrack of dawn)

Today I got a early start at the gym-630! And I loved it! I was so full of energy, i love the darkness and watching the sun creep in and the feeling of me working out while most pple are asleep in bed is a pretty rad feeling. There are not many pple there that early so I can really focus on myself.
Quads & calfs were on the schedule before I had to be at my Mental Health Orientation for Nursing School so I had to be dressed and out of the gym by 840.
Killed legs with lifting heavy! I could feel my muscle fiber tearing it was that sweet!
1. Egg white oats and slice of WW banana nut bread.
2. 2 Rice cakes, banana, 2 egg whites
3. Chicken, sweet potato, brussel sprouts.
4. Apple
5. Homemade minestrone soup and slice of WW banana bread
6. Cottage cheese, slice of WW banana bread. Peppermint Tea
(Yes I love my bananas bread-I was taking advantage of my high carb day!)
*Also I drink freshly brewed Green Tea ALL day long! I use one tea bag and constantly refill my bottle.

Went to my local Health Food Store today, Sprouts, and got me some more Liquid Stevia...vanilla and chocolate! The choc smells amazing! So excited to try out! Any ideas on how to use the choc???

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