Monday, October 8, 2012

Workin it with Someone

My buddy (*cough ex boyfriend cough*) lol asked to start training together again. So I'll give some background info-a personal trainer (deaine) talks to both of us and said we train similar and should train together. Well when he mentioned it to me I told him he was my ex. Dwaine told us to train and compete in a fitness comp together...hmm idk about that.
So I told him it was my bi & tri & HIIT to plan out a workout for us to do together.
His planned workout:
Warm up 10mins
5 sets of 5 exercises
Set1: bicep curls, wide grip pulls until failure, tri kickbacks, push-ups til failure, med ball side to side
Set2: concentrated bi curls, hammer grip pull ups til failure, cable chest machine, dips with one leg up, v-ups
Set3: 21s, under hand grip pull ups til failure, seated tri extension, tri push-ups til failure, side planks dips
Set4: seated cable row, pull ups til failure, skull crushers, in-out push-ups til failure, frog crunches
Set5: drop set bi curls, barbell rows, diamond push-ups til failure, slow scissors & reverse crunches

Ended with 20mins sprint HIITS with squats and ab holds on the rest periods.
Then I (he left) added pull ups, pull up holds, lipping pull-ups, cable curls, tri cable push down, barbell curls, barbell tri pushbacks.
Overall his workout was a change from mine but I felt like I was not working as hard-I certainly wasn't sweating. That is why I stayed to add to it-I was sweatin right away! Idk if my body is like "oh this is an ex I can't sweat!" Lol kidding.
Tomorrow he asked for me to make a workout and its leg day! I dented him the routine he was like "you're nuts!" I said this is how all my workouts are. I'll be killin him tomorrow cause he said he doesn't work legs to much... Umm legs are just as important and need the same training as any other muscle group. I will be drilling that in his head.

Anyway I left the gym with 1000+ calories gone and feeling good. This was my post workout pic:


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    1. Believe it if not its not the guy you are thinking-this is my ex from last year. But I'm not with the other guy anymore